Enforcement Agency Debt Collection Information System

Andrei Krek Project - Enforcement Agency debt collection information system

Andrei Krek enforcement agency is one of the most prestigious ones in Eastern Estonia – focusing on debt collection.


The agency collaborates with more than 150 independent law enforcement agencies and had a shared excel database with debtor data. The number of collaborating agents was growing rapidly and they needed a more sophisticated solution for managing the access to the data and authorization to the system.

We built a web based information system with integration to the estonian national certification centre authentication system and enabled smart-id, Mobile-id and Smartcard authentication.


Access is managed on the agency level and the administrator can define which agency has access to which data.


To speed up the debt collection we built an integration to the estonian national work registry – a scheduled task is periodically polling the registry to find whether the workin status of a debtor has changed and alerting the users, so that our debt collectors can execute the collection process before other’s do.

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