We provide expert software engineering and consultancy services to help businesses and government institutions grow and thrive in the information technology era. 

We are team players with an independent and entrepreneurial mindset. We help our clients achieve their goals with corporate experience in software, integration and mobile development.


E-commerce design and development involve creating, maintaining, and evolving web stores. Our goal is to enhance our clients’ e-commerce capabilities and opportunities in the digital channel. In addition to webshop creation, we excel in implementing background solutions and integrations for a seamless shopping experience.

E-commerce project workflow includes:
– Determining the right features and functionality for your project
– Understanding which ecommerce framework might work best for you
– Integrating ecommerce into an existing ecommerce site or website template

Software Integration

Software integration is the process of bringing together various types of software sub-systems so that they create a unified single system. Application integration services help build automated information and process flows between different apps. Various applications are integrated into one point to have uniform metrics.

By having all data collected and processed in one system, business teams can effectively use and analyze all their information.

Mobile apps

Mobile application development has been trending upward for years. This subcategory of software development specifically refers to applications that run on mobile devices.

More than 78% of people worldwide own a smartphone and they’re using apps. Creating an app is a great business decision.

We turn your ideas into an Mobile application. We do cross platform solutions, native Android and iOS development, API Development, Mobile web.

Custom software development

A custom software development process devised to deliver results and embrace flexibility. We analyze our customers’ business goals in order to deliver the best possible custom software that eliminates issues and creates opportunities.


Custom created product and project will help your company evaluate market and user sentiment, make intelligent and data driven decisions while challenge industry beliefs to deliver a transformative application that overcomes competitors.


We analyze your existing data, environments and needs to create a consolidated, secure and scalable platform that enables business processes, social engagements and consumer behaviors to flourish.

Product consulting


We always start our product analysis with a face to face meeting, where you have the possibility to describe your problems, ideas and visioning of required solution.


Next step is a thorough analysis on our part where we go deep in finding the best possible solution based on your requirements, needs and oportunities.


Finally we offer a solution to your problem. It can be a Lean Requirements Workshop or starting with a completely unique design and development.

Technologies stack we utilize

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